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The voice of Bosniak victims states: Final Bosniak justice will be the removal of the aggressive-genocidal entity

Institute for the Research of Genocide Canada
Published: June 7, 2011  

The voice of Bosniak victims states: Final Bosniak justice will be the removal of the aggressive-genocidal entity

The arrest of Ratko Mladic after sixteen years will not better the status of Bosniak victims because this arrest is only a small part of satisfaction for the spirit of the victims. In the end, this is only a game between the international community and Serbia in which Bosniaks cannot trust. Complete justice for all the victims will be established through academic research that focuses on presenting the truth about the aggression on a independent, sovereign and internationally accepted Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina and crimes of genocide, culturecide, ecocide, ethnocide, elitocide on the Bosniaks. Furthermore, crimes of torture and killing in concentration camps, rape of Bosniak women, forced evacuation and stealing of Bosniak territory will investigated.

Hence complete justice for Bosniak victims can occur when the region created as a result of aggression and genocide is eliminated. For that level of justice to be achieved a systematic approach must be organized which protects the citizenship and sovereignty of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Sovereignty is not negotiable, transferable or shared. These three attributes of sovereignty enables Bosniaks to create legitimate and legal action in destroying the outcome of aggression and genocide while renewing a collective nation of  Bosnian and Herzegovina.

For the victims, the regions that were created as a result of  genocide and aggression only exist as a part of an illegal and unfair Dayton agreement which awarded the aggression and genocide by a forced and unjust division of territory into two “entities”. This initiative created deeper injustice that paralyzed the political system and created a neofascist structure of government. The goal of the aggression and genocide on the Bosniaks and other citizens of Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina was to create a greater Serbia by ethnically cleansing targeted territories of Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Justice and law in the case of Bosnia and Herzegovina will be established only after the regions that were created as a result of genocide and aggression are taken away from the executors. On the basis of international justice and citizen’s rights, everything achieved illegally cannot be accepted as legal.

International Court of Justice adjudicated on February 26th, 2007 that the Republic Srpska, the creation of aggression and genocide cannot exist in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Instead the result of genocide, according to the convention of genocide, joined with the UN charter prohibits not only genocide but also results of genocide such as the creation of aggression and genocide. For that reason the courts should not ask the accused any questions regarding the constitutional and judicial system of the country. It is not relevant what any of the aggressors and constructors of genocide as well as anyone from Serbia proper think about Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is more important what victims of the genocide and aggression think about Bosnia and Herzegovina’s future.

This is why instead of euphoria as a reaction to Mladic’s arrest, Bosniak victims need to demand reparation from the International Court of Justice, not only a financial reparation but a removal of the Dayton agreement. Bosniak victims have been relying on inactive Bosniak political factors who do not pressure the international justice system to remove the two entity system or challenge the court’s decision to accept the regions that were created as a result of the aggression and genocide. Any kind of pressure or an attempt to force victims to accept the state of affairs that resulted from genocide is an act of genocide.

Bosniak victims must realize that the arrest of Ratko Mladic is a spectacle for the international community and its media. This is more about promoting the Serbian government to the ICTY and the European Union, it does little for the victim. It may provide the victim with some spiritual satisfaction but that is all. This arrest does not do anything for the Bosniak victims because these individuals continue to live in a state that contains people who strive to continue the campaign for a major Serbia through genocidal actions such as killings, forced evacuation of Bosniaks and illegal takeover of property and territory. This project is not only taking place in Bosnia and Herzegovina, there is an attempt to blur the truth on the international level about the genocide in Bosnia and Herzegovina by spreading lies about the number of Serb victims during the aggression on Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The lies about the suffering of Serbs in Bosnia and Herzegovina are carried out mostly in Canada. These lies have increased after the adoption of the Resolution about the genocide in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the Canadian parliament in which Canada will regulate the rights of victims of the genocide. The resolution proved to be effective with the ban of a genocide denier, Srdja Trifkovic. The campaign for a greater Serbia depends greatly on the denial of the Bosnian genocide because this is the only way that regions in Bosnia and Herzegovina created as a result of genocide and aggression can continue to exist. Hundreds of texts about the greater Serbia campaign are being translated and circulated worldwide and there are no adequate responses from the Bosnian politics and academic elites. Recognition must be paid to  such individuals as professor Dr. Smail Cekic and a few others.

Bosniak victims must realize and learn that truth is not negotiable, it must be protected and defended. If Bosnia and Herzegovina and its politics, spiritual and academic elites will not protect the truth about the genocide in Bosnia and Herzegovina then the major Serbian revisionists will completely turn our victims into their victims. instead of euphoria after Mladic’s arrest there needs to be a institution for remembrance for all Bosniaks because Bosniak existence without a institutional remembrance is a request for a genocidal self-destruction.

Professor Emir Ramic

Director of the Canadian Institute for Research of Genocide

Institute for the Research of Genocide Canada