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The Letter of CNABC and IRGC to the Honourable Lawrence Cannon

Institute for the Research of Genocide Canada
Published: September 21, 2010  

Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada
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The Honourable Lawrence Cannon
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September 21, 2021

Dear The Right Honourable Lawrence Cannon,

Statement of the Congress of North American Bosniaks, Canadian Branch and the Institute for Research of Genocide Canada regarding Statement of the Foreign Minister of Canada: Lawrence Cannon, commemorating the 15th anniversary of the Srebrenica genocide.

The Bosniak-Canadian Community appreciates and thanks you for official statement – press release No. 217 of July 10, 2010, recognizing the atrocity of genocide against Bosniak people of Srebrenica in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

We also appreciate your confirmation that the Canadian government will support a parliamentary resolution acknowledging the massacre and establishing a “Srebrenica Remembrance Day in Canada’.

It was indeed unfortunate that Motion M-416 could not have been adopted in Parliament before the summer recess due to “procedural reasons”. We therefore, eagerly anticipate the adoption of Motion M-416 and Bill C-533 before the House of Commons, when Parliament reconvenes after its current summer break.

While recognition of the massacres leveled against civilians of Srebrenica and other regions in Bosnia and Herzegovina cannot “undo” the crimes of a clear and brutal genocide – it can assist the due processes necessary to be seen to be applied.

Passing the aforementioned Motion and Bill in Canada’s House of Commons will testify to and hold historic, moral, legislative and legal meaning for all concerned.

Within the human rights framework and position:

Those Canadian-Bosniaks whose human rights, civil liberties and freedoms were denied by way of wild, abandoned terrorism and brutal armed force – all of which were based upon religious and national hatred – merely seek the support of elected members in their noble quest for truth and justice – to officially mark July 11 of each year, as the “Srebrenica Remembrance Day in Canada”

One aim of the Congress of North American Bosniaks and the Institute for Research of Genocide, Canada, is to work towards the prevention of this heinous crime from ever happening again. To prevent this genocide from being forgotten – and moreover, trying to ensure that such brutality will never again be perpetrated against others.

During the past five years, survivors of genocide in Bosnia and Herzegovina have, submitted ten letters to each member of the Canadian Parliament and twenty to each Minister of the Canadian Government, asking for truth and justice in the name of all victims – and in particular, the declared genocide that occurred in Srebrenica. A majority of members, comprising the political parties represented in the Parliament of Canada, (including in their caucuses) have already pledged their support for this motion.

We look forward to that day when Canada will join her historic allies: the United States and the European Union by formally marking July 11th as “SREBRENICA REMEMBRANCE DAY”

Failure to stand by what is right and just, will merely set humanity at odds with the values of civility and our common inheritance of constitutional and lawful societal arrangements. When failure occurs, we become part of the problem as opposed to contributing towards positive, humane, best-practice solutions.

On behalf of the Canadian – Bosnian Community, the Congress of North American Bosniaks, Canadian Branch and the Institute for Research of Genocide, Canada we, the undersigned, respectfully await communication from your office when Parliament reconvenes, Minister Cannon.

Thanking you in anticipation.


Professor Emir Ramic

The Congress of North American Bosniaks, Canadian Branch
The Institute for Research of Genocide Canada

Institute for the Research of Genocide Canada