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Institute for the Research of Genocide Canada

Canadian Institute for Genocide condemns senseless violence in Norway

Institute for the Research of Genocide Canada
Published: July 25, 2011  

Canadian Institute for Genocide condemns senseless violence in Norway

On behalf of the Canadian Institute for Genocide I strongly condemn the atrocious violence that took place in Norway and extend our condolences to the families of those who died, and offer sympathies to those who were injured and solidarity with all people in Norway.

Canadian Institute for Genocide is astonished by the brutal attack on the many innocent lives and strongly condemns the heinous acts of violence.

These attacks are a stark reminder of the threat we all face from terrorism. We are particularly distressed that one of the attacks has targeted young people.
This attack raises concerns about security – not just in Norway, but also elsewhere.

Violence of this kind can never be justified.

Professor Emir Ramic

Canadian Institute for Genocide

By Kemal Hamulic,

The latest tragic development in Norway just illustrates how serious and how dangerous religious extremism really is.  Anders Breivik is another right wing extremist, similar to Timothy McVeigh, who had taken religion as an excuse to commit crimes against humanity.  Mr. Breivik also used some of the ideas put forward by Srdja Trifkovic to justify his killings of innocent civilians.

What this shows us is that different religions have been hijacked by the same type of people: individuals blinded by hate and disdain for innocent lives.  These individuals will go to extremes just to find (bogus) justifications for their genocidal ideas.

There is an inherent danger in focusing on so-called “Muslim fundamentalism” and in statements that Islam is an “inherently violent religion.”  Statements like these mislead public on focusing on the wrong issue: it is not the religion that is problem; it is sick individuals who use religion as a pretext to sell their hate-filled ideas.

Hitler did it in Germany, Milosevic did it in the Balkans, Juvénal Habyarimana did it in Rwanda, and other will keep doing it in the future as long as individuals like Trifkovic, Trifunovic, McVeigh, and Breivik find support for their sick ideas and a fertile ground among disgruntled populace in countries plagued by corruption and blind nationalism.

Kemal Hamulic, MBA


Anders Behring Breivik sympathized with Serbia and called for annihilation of Bosniaks and Albanians in his “manifesto,” which he published on the internet just hours before he killed at least 70 innocent Norway civilians in Oslo and Utoya. He lends his support to violent racists like Pamela Geller who inspired him to commit the massacre. His writings are full of Islamophobia — particularly Bosniakophobia and Albanophobia. According to the Economist:

“A look through Mr Breivik’s 1,500-page 2083: A European Declaration of Independence, which he published under the pseudonym ‘Andrew Berwick’, shows that he had a strange obsession with the Balkans. A word search for ‘Kosovo’ comes up with 143 matches, ‘Serb’ yields 341 matches, ‘Bosnia’ 343 and ‘Albania’ 208. (‘Srebrenica’—the site of a Bosnian Serb massacre of some 8,000 Bosniaks in 1995—does not appear in the document.)

The document is best described as a kind of ‘Mein Kampf’ for our times, in which Jews are replaced by Muslims as the enemy which must be fought and expunged from Europe. Drawing on the crudest of warmongering Serbian propaganda from the 1990s, the document describes Muslim Albanians and Bosniaks (Bosnian Muslims) as an evil jihad-waging enemy. Needless to say, its history is convoluted and misinformed…. In the coming ‘war’ that Mr Breivik foresees, he discusses the deportation of Muslims from Europe and appears to endorse the physical annihilation of any Albanians and Bosniaks that resist. As they have lived here for ‘several centuries’, he says, ‘they will not accept being deported from Europe and will fight for their survival. A more long term and brutal military strategy must therefore be applied.’”

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