The most awesome business cards that you can get

There are many ways to promote your business nowadays, however, the traditional way is still very important for getting your business brand known to the public, and that include your Business cards !

We have recently search for business card that we can get online and we found that Rockdesign really offer wonder selection of high end black business cards that will elevate your brand to a new level.  There are many cool things about’s cards.

First, their cards are all duplexed, meaning it is very thick and sturdy, when you hand these cards to your clients, for sure they will know the quality of your business. Secondly, they offer alot of different features that can be applied to the black business cards, including, foil stamping, emboss, deboss, die cut, deboss, and more.

Lastly, their price is very competitive, I dont think there is any other printer that can offer better services and pricing them rockdesign. All of my customers that got there cards were all WOW by the them. I’m very happy with the investment I made to my business.


Here is a little history of business card

Below are a few photos of the black business cards they offer from their website, please take a look !


rockdesign black duplex business card

unique business card from rockdesign


Lastly, I would like to share how to design your card with adobe illustrator, very useful video below !


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